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Discover the Ultimate Organization Bundle

Organizers in Vibrant Colors - Perfect for You & Your Loved Ones!

Introducing our Pocket-Size Plushy Hardcover Address/Password Book - the stylish and functional solution for your essential contact and password information! 

  • ​Blank Lined Pages & Separate Data Prompter Bookmark: Our 128 blank lined pages offer flexibility and freedom to write whatever you like, while the alphabetical tabs provide structure for easy organization and access. The separate data prompter bookmark serves as a handy reminder of important records to keep. Our unique design strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and structure, making it a more user-friendly alternative to rigid password/address books.
  • ​Three Elegant Colors: Choose from Pink, Blue, or Olive Gray to match your personal style.
  • ​Compact 4x5.5-inch SizePerfectly portable, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.
  • ​120 Heavy 120gsm Non-Bleeding Writing Pages: High-quality paper ensures a smooth writing experience without ink bleeding through.
  • ​A-Z Alphabetical Tabs Reinforced with Foil: 13 tabs with every two letters sharing one tab, plus one special tab. Unlike other address/password books, ours doesn't cram three letters onto a single tab.
  • ​Plushy Vegan Leather Hardcover: Our eco-friendly, touchy-feely vegan leather hardcover adds a luxurious feel to the book.
  • Back Pocket, Elastic Band, and Two Silk Ribbon Bookmarks: Store loose notes in the back pocket, securely close the book with the elastic band, and easily mark your place with the elegant silk ribbons.
  • Fine Workmanship & Sturdiness: Expertly crafted for durability and longevity, ensuring your important information stays safe.